Alchemy Sol

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Nocturne Alchemy Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Alchemy Sol was created off of the fusion of our Limited 7th Anniversary Perfume, inspired by Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto E Minor OP.64.

Sol perfume was only available to those that purchased the full set of three Anniversary blends. It is the inspiration and heart of this perfume.

Created by Emerson Hart and Jacek Rose. Infusing perfume with the name Alchemy for our Day perfume as the inspiration. We wanted to create a perfume based on what we find as some of the most exquisite notes available. The Day perfume blend is using the beauty of the Anniversary Blend: Sol and delving into the scent further, taking it apart and recreating it with wood oil of Myrrh smoothed out in Ambers of Nepal, Egypt and Solar Amber NA Accord, a smattering of French Mandarin and Italian Lavender and transforming the scent with soft Lotus, Agarwood and Atlas Cedar, then taking all of these and exposing them briefly to the sun. It is alchemy to use elements of nature and the sun together and blend the elements of scent into the day. Scent is to enrich and create moments, this in the positive moments of the Sun.

15 Solar Ambers, 3 Amber Resin Incense cubes, 5 Vanilla Accords, 10 Sandalwoods, 1 whole Vanilla Bean from Paris, Myrrh Whole, A drop of Rose-Amber, Ambers of Nepal, Egypt and NA Solar Amber Accord, French Mandarin, Italian Lavender, Lotus Essence, Agarwood, and Atlas Cedar.


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