Sandalwood Sokolata

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Nocturne Alchemy Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

For the Holidays! Precious Resins and Ancient Egyptian Perfume Oil Blends to bring the spirit of the holiday and of Egypt, to you throughout the months to come.

Amber, an anointed resin of Ancient Egyptian Temples to honour Pharaoh, Queen and Royalty. Believed to be a way of using the sense of smell that allowed the wearer to be able to sense the spirit of the Animal Gods of Egypt and also one of our favourite things to create in perfume. In the Temples of Ancient Egypt the Pharaoh and Queen would walk through the great halls to the very last chamber called the Holy of Holies where a Shrine would be placed for the specific God of that specific Temple. Wearing Amber would resonate with the wearer whilst incense filled the halls and music and choir from outside would sing. It was in fact, a beautiful meditation to find answers, but most importantly to remind each of us, we are all of the same, no matter what God we believe in or what land our cries of birth came, to connect is the most spiritual of soul and life.

To create Amber, we must find the most beautiful rock rose resin and liquify it into a deep oil, allow it to age within the blending of Ambar, Frankincense, Patchouli, Sandalwood, White Vetiver, White Pepper and blended Choyo Lobun, Immortelle, a drop of Arabian Cedar and Agarwood to allow the scent to softly sweeten with a drift of the scent of a beautiful white wood. This is all to achieve an 'amber' status and accord especially for this blend.

Blending Amber is never the same twice for us, Amber in and of itself does not exist to actually pull from one source, it is many different things and carefully measured and aged to give a depth and an ethereal voice to the scent. Perhaps this is the voice that 'speaks' to the animal Gods? We must always use our imaginations when we blend and take our artistic integrity to the next level. That is what makes and sets our amber apart. The last step in the amber process, is the actual energy the perfumist blends. Each of us in an individual and this goes without saying that we do not allow negative energy into the lab when blending. We sage, we play beautiful music and we allow the perfume to use us as tools in which what we are attempting to blend comes through without words, but thought alone. This is part of our blend. This is why we only create a small batch of perfume at a time.

Sokolata is a Greek derived word derived from a similar word used in Egyptian meaning chocolate. For these three sacred resin and incense blends, we used the finest Greek and Egyptian Sokolata perfume oils to blend with Italian and (from) Belgium (Belgian) Cocoa. What came from these blends is a unique and beautiful trinity of Ancient Egyptian recipe with the savoury and sweet NAVA touch.

We hope you have a beautiful and safe Holiday season and that these two new blends add a little extra joy to the moments with family, Loved ones, and to take a cherished moment for yourself and let the beauty of perfume flow upward and inward...and ultimately outward.


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