Black Cat, White Raven

Black Cat, White Raven

2 x 1 2 3 4 5

Moss and Magic General Catalog Solid Perfume (Discontinued)

The idea for this perfume came to me one day whilst watching crows from my window. I have always felt a special love for corvids, and the folklore and myths surrounding them fascinate me. Thought to be the carriers of the soul and wisdom, these birds are intelligent, mysterious and spiritual. Having grown up with crows, ravens and cats in my life the name for this scent seemed to arise easily, to evoke the feeling of that worldless connection between souls that we share we animals, that deep and intuitive knowing we develop with them, and the work we can do with them.
This scent is rich, with sweet top notes that deepen into earthy, darker places. I imagine wandering in an endless forest, far from the reaches of man. The path starts in a sunlit area, covered with fern and moss, and as you walk further the trees grow more thickly, the air is filled with shimmers and the whispering and sighing of branches and leaves, the crunching of old leaves underfoot.

Carrot Seed, Bay Laurel, Spikenard, Rose Maroc, Davana, Celery Seed, Peru Balsam, Neroli, Angelica Root, Silver Fir, Galbanum, Vetiver, Myrrh


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