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Love Potion Magickal Perfumery October 2010 Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Men and women can be bewitching this Autumn with our vibrant layering of warm woods and fallen leaves, a trace of woodfire smoke, the piquant zing of a trio of spicy pepper EOs, sensuous dragon's blood resin and smoky patchouli infused with ripe fig.

The path through the woods was like walking on a carpet of gold, the crunch of leaves beneath my feet and woodsmoke lingering in the air, leading me on to the place where warmth would embrace me in body and soul. I walked on, even as the sky grew darker and the air colder, because I was enchanted by the lure of the one who waited for me in the cozy cottage. As the sunset took on the colors of the leaves I finally reached the place where the spell had brought me, the bewitching one waited at the door with a wicked smile.

(FYI: Verhext is German for Bewitched!)

Created By: John John ~ Le Wizard!
Description By: Luna65
Magickal Meanings of Ingredients:
WARM WOODS & FALLEN LEAVES ~ Love, spreads an exotic aura, mystery, darkness. Enhances psychic powers, healing, divination, luck, protection.
FIG ~ Wisdom, fertility, love, luck, protection, aids restful sleep, divination. Feminine sexuality.
PEPPER ~ Protection, fidelity, dispels envy and evil, exorcism, breaks hexes.
DRAGON'S BLOOD ~ Entices errant lovers to return, increases power of other ingredients. Love, protection, exorcism, potency.
PATCHOULI ~ Soothes and uplifts; sensual, sexually stimulating, lust, fertility, money. Meditative and transforming.
SMOKE ~ In addition to the attributes of whatever is being burned (resins, woods, etc), smoke is for cleansing, purification, renewal, consecration, concealment and celebration


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