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Fantôme Russian Fairy Tail General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Smooth peppermint, cracking birch, nutmeg, biting winter wind, cold vanilla, and black pepper.

This minty atmospheric fragrance evokes a frozen birch grove. The dichotomy of the chilly vanilla and peppermint against the warm nutmeg and black pepper adds an unexpected bite to the fragrance. Wood notes ground the sweeter aspects of the vanilla and thebrightness of the peppermint.

Morozko is the god of winter and portrayed as either wicked or benevolent, depending on the fairy tale. His early mythical roots are in Slavic paganism, where he evolved from the dark god of winter and death, Chernobog. Over several centuries, this darker origin was nearly forgotten, and Morozko became the altruistic figure in the tales known today.

Death and winter were intrinsically linked in ancient times, but this tale showsthat within the darkest winters warmth could still be found.

The fairy tale begins with the story of a young girl who is tormented by her stepmother. Sheis forced to workher fingers to the bone whileher stepmother'sdaughter is lavished with comforts, and her father ignores the daily injustice she endures. One cold winter’s night, her stepmother pushes the girl out into the cold and tells her she must spend the night in the forest. The girl has no choice but to take refuge under a tree in the middle of a birch grove. As the night was at its darkest, she heard the birch trees cracking as everything began to freeze. Skipping among the trees, Morozko foundthe girl huddled in the snow, and said, “How do you do, fairy maiden? Why have you come to my grove on such a severely cold night?”

The girl replied that she had been sent out to gather wood for a fire, but he knew that she had been sent to her death. Morozko then asked her if she was cold, to which she bravely said no, and maintained that she did not need anything, even as he caused a fierce snowstorm in the birch grove.

As quickly as he had caused it, hehalted the storm and gave the girl a warm fur to wrap around herself and as many jewels as she could carry. The girl returned to her home with the riches, and her family was forced to acknowledge that she had been brave and resourceful enough to not only survive the harsh winter night, but to be rewardedby Morozko.

The stepmother decided to send her own daughter out the following night, bragging that she too would return the next morning with twice the amount of jewels. But when she encountered Morozko, the girl was rude to him and demanded that he simply give the jewels to her. When she did not return the next morning, they set out to search for her and found her frozen in the birch grove.

Both sizesfeature glass bottles with stainless steel rollerballs and gold caps.


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