Hot Masala

Hot Masala

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DSH Perfumes An Isolation / Meditation Experience General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Hot Masala {an isolation / meditation experience; natural perfume}

A warm and sexy, all natural perfume. Hot Masala or “hot mix” is made of warming, grounding spices with a big dose of indolic Indian Jasmine & Indian attars, lush resins, and a golden milk accord.

* 100% natural (Not Vegan due to the Butter co2).

Hot Masala is another fragrance design partially borne out of the “Isolation / Meditation” series of drawings, and with an added inspiration that I have been contemplating for over a decade (when I first encountered this name). I loved the name, “Hot Masala” or Hot Mix, but would always come back to one question: how to put it together? This series of drawings made from household items (tea washes, charcoal, and spices) helped bring the idea into focus for me.
Now, more than ever, when the world seems to be falling apart, we need to find nourishment, balance, grounding and at the same time beauty (!). Soaring, hopeful beauty, that could express new heights to strive towards.

Hot Masala’s design began with a golden milk accord (so nourishing to body and soul) and a ‘mix’ of sexy tropical jasmines, rich resins, and exotic spices. The result is sensuously satisfying and spiritually fulfilling


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