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Blazing Torch General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Kali, the Great Mother of the Universe.

Goddess of Time, Destructor of Evil. Kali's dance brings joy and courage in times of darkness, purges what is no longer needed and purifies the soul.

This devotional perfume oil is crafted with sweet gifts that please the goddess, based on ritual offerings. It was created during Kartik.

A blend of beautiful treasures, rose absolute, plumeria absolute, champaca flower, Indian sandalwood, jasmine attar, myrrh, curry leaf and other Indian spices and herbs, and many more essences (don't worry, the curry leaf doesn't smell like food, it's a spicy peppery note).

Highly perfumed, voluptuous floral, with precious woods, and incense base notes.

This formula has more than 30 essences, including traditional Indian attars. The plumeria absolute that I'm using is reminiscent of sweet fruit, like peach, mango and nectarines; the rose absolute has honey undertones; the sandalwood is smooth and beautiful. If you have ever visited a Hindu temple in India, you'll recognize some of the notes.

I hope that it enhances your practice and sweetens the journey alongside the goddess.


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