Monstre Delicat

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Darling Clandestine Calliope Crash General Catalog Solid Perfume (Available)

If you dread a thin, weary rain, it's because you know it should storm.

It's because through that thick, grey-glazed pane, you can gaze past the sordid balconies, the murmuring alleys, back to those firebrand nights when the hard metal in your belly burned electric blue, and the sun came pulsing each dawn to find you unrelenting. These soft comforts, these complacent days, they're pale against the sweet dark spice of pain and longing and fury that you kindled for so long. This contentment, this absence of madness, it's unsettling. It's not you.

Carefully blended and infused by me in vintage glass wine bottles, Monstre Delicat is a clean, blue, rainy fragrance with haunting notes of deep spice. Thoroughly appropriate for ladies and gents. A multitude of different scent elements and weeks of methodical alchemy make Monstre Delicat no ordinary scented oil mix-it's a truly inimitable fragrance.


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