Mrs. Lovett

Mrs. Lovett

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Conjure Oils Halloween : Amare Aeternum Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)


First appearing in a humble Penny Dreadful tabloid in 1846, it grew over time becoming many things from an urban legend all the way to a Tony award winning Broadway musical written by Sondheim and Wheeler!

It's a dark tale of the Demon of Fleet Street who would murder his clients and send them to the basement with the pull of a lever. This is where his partner in crime, some say lover, Mrs. Lovett retrieves the bodies in the basement where she carves the meat off the bones and bakes them into her "World Famous" meat pies! A match made in Hell, these two!

A decidedly Victorian blend. Egyptian musk, Mirabella plum wine, black current infused vanilla and soul black oude.


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