Fire Eater

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Darling Clandestine Calliope Crash General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Too easily shocked, the whole lot of them, always. They repeat what they cannot believe. Always, at a common table with common people. Exasperatingly boring as they puzzle you out and their eyes press around, flickering with derision, with questions and questions and questions.

You prefer the common ground, with uncommon people. Genuinely riveted as you crackle and burst and whirl in a blaze of blood orange and gasoline, and their eyes press around, flickering with delight, with gasps and laughter and roses and applause. Your warm and marvelous friends. They believe in what they cannot repeat.

In honor of me finally quitting my "day job," packing up and moving to a remote South Texas ranch and taking on DarlingClandestine full-time, I present to you an ALL-NEW iteration of Fire Eater. This is number three, and the only Fire Eater available now. The original Fire Eater was the first fragrance I ever created, and I've learned a few tricks since then. ;) This version lights up with hot mesquite wood and bluegrass, bursts of wild grape and apricot and lilac, and that blaze of blood orange and gasoline. More than a dozen different scent elements and several days of methodical alchemy make Fire Eater no ordinary scented oil mix-it's a truly inimitable fragrance.


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