The Golden Lilies

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First in the new Maia collection, inspired by the wonderful fantasy novel by Richard Adams

Lily-of-the-Valley, tiare flower, apricot, tonka, davana, amber, sandalwood and fire tree.

"But was she really as beautiful as they say?"

"She was more beautiful than I care to remember now, for when you're old it hurts, and that's the truth. But what I most recollect-there was a kind of a brightness about her, like. It was as though light was actually shining from her-or at least, that's just how it struck my fancy at the time, you know. It was mid-day, to be sure, but all the same she seemed brighter than anything round about her."

"But what was she wearing, granddad-how did she look?"

"Well, that's just it. She'd got no jewels nor nothing of that, but you felt you'd as soon go putting jewels on a rose or a goldfish. Her arms and legs were bare-I remember that-and her hair over her shoulders was all gold-shining in the sun, it was. She was wearing a kind of a short, white dress all embroidered with birds, and those golden lilies- real lilies, they were-round her neck and her head. They'd left drops of water on her arms and I remember as the boat tipped a bit, one of them twinkled a moment, you know, in my eyes."

"But wasn't there any show to it, then-no music or flags-nothing of that?"

"Well, I suppose it seems strange-yes, it would-if you weren't there-but no, there was nothing of that at all. It was really more the kind of startling of it, you see; un-expected, like waking up to snow. It was like you'd be out in the woods and then suddenly, before you've had time to think, there's some bird or creature you've never seen in your life-never knew there was such a thing. That's the part that's hardest to describe. In one way she was just like that-a flesh-and-blood creature, what you'd call ar-resting, like it might be a leopard or a humming-bird. But in another way there was something about her you couldn't pin down-as though we'd all been blest; and as though she could never be harmed or hurt. But the exact look of it all-in my mind's eye, you know-that's gone: that's like a tune that's vanished away out of my head. I wish it hadn't. All I know now is, it was the best one I've ever heard. I'd like to hear it just once again-ay, that I would."

~ Maia, Richard Adams

This scent starts of strong on the Lily-of-the-Valley, tiare and apricot, with a beautiful and golden, earthy base of resinous amber to anchor the sweet, almost candy-like tonka bean. Davana is said to have the unique property of smelling differently on every person's skin. I find it to be rather woodsy, with a hint of herbal-vanilla. The smooth, deep sandalwood and unusual, almost musky floral of the fire tree — which smells a bit like a musky lilac with a hint of apricot, round out this unique and lovely blend.

Aromatherapy notes: This blend uses natural isolates and fruit-extracts for the apricot and Lily-of-the-Valley scents. Fire tree, being a relatively new oil, is not well-researched for its aromatherapy benefits. Sandalwood is a calming and grounding oil, used often in anti-anxiety blends; davana is also useful for easing anxiety.


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