Don Gato

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Darling Clandestine Calliope Crash General Catalog Solid Perfume (Available)

A long time ago, my buddy Bekka — - — -suggested that a "cat" scent would be a pretty sweet move for DC. You know, when you press your face into a kitty's shoulder and just breathe, and the kitty just doesn't understand why you won't cut that out? Yeah, that scent. At the time I was a bit overwhelmed and I couldn't deliver. Well, some time later, I was chatting with Yen, DC ninja extraordinaire, to create a custom scent, and she said she wanted something that smelled like adventurous outdoor kitties, who'd spent the days basking on rooftops and rolling in catnip and running through green weeds. Don Gato arose from that request. It's clean, sun-baked, green-soaked cat.

Here it appears as a solid perfume, made with pure beeswax from Honeyrun Farm — Once it's warmed on the skin, it's remarkably long-lasting.


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