Cereal Milk

Cereal Milk

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Colornoise General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

The sound of crunchy colored cereal. Memories of watching morning cartoons on the weekend. COLORNOISE Cereal Milk Memory Perfume is designed to transport you to the deliciously sweet memory of eating bowl of crunchy fruit cereal with cold milk!

NOTES. ♪ ♬ ♫
juicy orange lemon — cold sugared milk — ripe berries — squeezed tangerine — cereal memories

This unique perfume is actually milky and looks and smells exactly like cereal milk. It can be sprayed on skin or hair! This perfume is made with a mix of luxurious jojoba milk and perfume oils which will naturally separate in time. The perfume has not expired or gone bad, simply shake for a few seconds before each use and you're good to go!


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