Growing Up Dead

Growing Up Dead

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Deep Midnight The Walking Dead General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)


Carl has struggled to grow up and find his place in the new apocalyptic world. Already having lost family and loved ones and escaped death many times, he is adaptable in his grief and has honed hard edges while still maintaining the child within. He likes to go off on his own at times to prove himself and is willing to take risks even when he is scared. Scavenging from house to house one day alone, Carl manages to find a morning's repast....sugary cereal and chocolate pudding. He easily sets aside the horrors of the new world and indulges in a few treats from the old.

Main notes are a mix of: dark rich chocolate, milk, sweet citrus, sugary cereal, and damp wet earth...the dichotomy of the world in which children now live.

The scent is a unisex gourmand with a haunting edge, tending more towards the feminine side of the scale.

Photo: by V. Lue, for use by Deep Midnight Perfumes, limited permissions.


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