Have a Great Evening Bat

Have a Great Evening Bat

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ZOMG Smells Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

This one happened because the Great Evening Bat exists, and I can't help thinking of it as a bat that just really wants you to have a great evening.

Since we had a dearth of fruitiness in our recent creations, I made this one light, sweet, and juicy-fruity even though the Great Evening Bat, like most other bats in the vesper family, eats insects. (And sometimes small birds. Dat bat.)

Perfect for the last hurrahs of summer weather OR for remembering them wistfully while wrapped in a dozen scarves, this olfactory wish for you to have a seriously pleasing evening floats on a sweet, gentle Japanese green tea musk, sandalwood, and calm chamomile. There's honeysuckle on the breeze, and you're holding an absinthe cocktail in one hand and a tiny plastic sword-full of watermelon and kiwi slices in the other. Life is good.

Random cool facts: the Great Evening Bat is the only living species in the genus Ia, and its full scientific name is just four letters, ia io.

Cthulu, anyone?

Scent art by Ciara! :D


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