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Wild Veil Organic Tarot General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Star ☆ organic tarot fragrance ★

a l c h e m y ☆
White floral meat. Gardenia jasminoides supernova. A dark eruption that smells like castoreum where there is none. Fig phantoms. A galaxy of incense. Musk per se, iris butter and amber solder to dark star gardenia, a scent like no other's. Orbiting a milky way along black labdanum's saline starlight and blackened brush. Smells like my childhood but dangerous. The solipsistic birth of the universe. Cosmic newborn, a beautiful alien in outer space. Otherworldly dreams, celestial wishes. Aquarius, Saturn, Neptune, Egyptian goddesses Isis (nature and magic) and Nwt (sky). A composition from my own extractions, based in organic alcohol.


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