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Wild Veil Botanical Zodiac General Catalog Solid Perfume (Available)

Pisces ☽•☾ botanical zodiac fragrance

a l c h e m y ☽•☾
A dreamy, lush perfume for psychic Pisces. Juicy slices of Tahitian lime: tart, soft, with a powdery finish. A night blooming romance with jasmine sambac's green light. Peppery, honeyed aphrodisiac steeped in warm notes of cinnamon and vanilla from Sumatra. Elegant, creamy, heady ylang ylang extra from Madagascar, a rare distillation both deeply balsamic and spicy, with ethereal luminosity. This is a gooey, drunken tropical blossom. Dreamy Pisces will benefit from the woods, grass, and papyrus in the base. Earthy vetiver grass grows greener against jasmine sambac. I love the feel of angelica's full bodied rooty heat against elemi's slender pepper. Damp earth and subtle musk in the dryout intimate the smell of hair warmed by the southern sun. Apply to pulse points to enhance the mystical, intuitive qualities of your sign. Skews feminine. Wonderful for individuals with Water in their charts. Vegan.


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