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Wild Veil General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Grimoire ?•? botanical fragrance

a l c h e m y ?•?
Lush, smoky, dark green. Oakmoss for ages. Grimoire has a vintage opulence you won't find in many modern perfumes, and certainly not in commercial ones. I have incorporated two varieties of the lichen into this blend. The French oakmoss is both earthy and oceanic, with faerie notes of decaying wood, fungus, and forest floor along a powdery marine base. The oakmoss from Serbia and Montenegro conveys intense, green masculinity. Grounding, but dark, mysterious and intense. Deep, dirty earth and black leather as from petrified wood. Together the two elixirs bind into a base with colossal tenacity, at once earthy and otherworldly. The magical facets of oakmoss are drawn out by a chord of tobacco spice and bourbon vanilla. Camphor from patchouli, eucalyptus, elemi and sage puncture the thick green blanket and lift Grimoire out of the dark. A penetrating and evocative anachronism. Can be worn by any gender. Vegan.

"My head is completely off for GRIMOIRE. I want to say I hate leather again but I don't GRIMOIRE is wicked storybook forest and gingerbread enticing, even romantic without being sickly sweet. WOWOW" — Jes, review for GRIMOIRE


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