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Wiggle Floral-Spicy General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

I am so ready for the sun to appear! It's still gray and frosty where I am, but all I can think about is the smell of fresh new leaves and blooming bulbs. I created Hala to help me feel like spring is near, even if it may not be just yet. An arrestingly unusual blend of cool, crisp greens and sugary florals, this vanille verte is perfect for those first brisk days after a long winter. Makes me think of taking a walk in the sunshine, listening to the birds just starting to sing, still cuddling into my fuzzy sweater for just a little while longer. Hala is a blend of linden, green tea, fresh bamboo, a double dose of vanilla, and splashes of elegant peony and lilac. There's just the tiniest drop of ginger and honey as well, because, well...why not?


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