With Mermaids

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Violette Market Lost at Sea : Chapter 1 General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

I float on the surface of the water for what seems to be hours, using my arms and the same repetitive motion with my legs. I’m not swimming but I’m staying above the water. By the time the sun begins to rise I can’t move my legs much more and I feel fatigue giving way and exhaustion over-taking me. I sink below the surface, too tired to put on my breathing apparatus, too weary to fight. I close my eyes and sink deeper towards my watery tomb. I feel someone taking my hand and kissing my mouth. For a second I relive a past memory and I see my lovely wife and I taking our son to the beach so that he could run on the hard-packed sand. I open my eyes and see long wisps of blond curled hair. It's my wife… I get to see my wife before I die. I feel my body sink deeper and the sun slowly departing overhead. I hear the enchanting song of angels, the soft caress at my cheek, my wife’s mouth over mine, I caress her breast and open my eyes one last time to see that I’m... with mermaids.

Green sea kelp, salty ocean water, white melon rind, aquatic flowers, and Pacific sea foam.


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