The Spice Islands

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Violette Market Lost at Sea : Chapter 1 General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

This was well-worth the long months aboard the ship, well-worth my time away from my family and my wife, well-worth the years that I slaved away at my dank apothecary shop dreaming about exotic spices, elixirs, and brews. The market was filled with rare and beautiful wonders and if one could possibly describe the scent it would be sweet red roses from the flower vendor, dark vanilla in pink glass jars, exotic woods of every kind, floral waters, and spices in tiny gold tins promising love to any woman or man.

A warm afternoon filled with the bustle of an open-air market. The sounds of golden coins changing hands, of papery wind dragons taking flight, of conversations whispered about times’ long past, and the scent of musky apothecary vanilla, tins of simmering saffron petals, Mysore sandalwood, thick glass jars filled with dark honey, cedar woodsmoke, candied ginger, pimento berry, dark caramel candies wrapped in silver paper, ylang ylang water, black-flecked coconut husks, red rose bundles, cardamom, and Melanesia spices carried in the wind.


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