The Captain's Quarters

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Violette Market Lost at Sea : Chapter 1 General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

While I wait for the captain to return I am escorted to his quarters where I decide to not become involved or become attached to any of his personal collectables but through the haze of scented smoke, curiosity gets the best of me as it would to any man or woman, and time, once my friend, becomes a slow enemy while I wait for my impending doom. What will be done with me? Clearly I have been allowed to live but what greater purpose will my life fill as part of some evil plan? What will be done with me once I serve their bidding? Will I then be tossed over-board? I can’t swim very well and certainly can’t breathe under water so this thought terrifies me, but still worse is the thought of being cut into hundreds of pieces and sent home to my wife in a hollow pine coffin. My fears are subsided by the glimpse of a shining golden orb, the tick-tock of a clock, the rustle of softly-scented air by my cheek, the constant glow of an odd blue light and something tall and pointed, possibly made of ivory detailed in pure silver that appears to be a horn. What marvels are to be explored here?

Deep oaken wood, worn leather bound books, dusty parchment atlases, bottled exotic spices, black husked coconuts, and dirty flasks half-emptied of dark rum.


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