Lisbon Seaport

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Violette Market Lost at Sea : Chapter 1 General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

We arrive at Lisbon in the late afternoon, just as the sun is making its way across the sky. Tiny black birds fly overhead and the salt of the sea mixes with the far-off scent of spices. Delicate trees with snowy white bark release a-flutter of golden leaves over our heads just as we touch foot onto the pier. That night at dinner, under a dark veil of midnight sky laced with white stars, I think about my wife. She must be freezing in our bed alone, while the fire’s light paints dark shadows onto the ceiling depicting scenes of battles and wreckage. Perhaps she wakes in terror, her cold skin damp with night sweat, while my skin is warm and I feel happy to be part of this voyage. I feel a strong tinge of guilt, but it's quickly forgotten because the air in Lisbon is warm and sweet and mixes with the evening scents of dark coffee, red wine, spices, and blackberries.

Dark vanilla, black coffee, fragrant red wine, golden patchouli, espresso beans, wild black pepper clusters, cassia flower, and plump blackberries.


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