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Villainess Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Speaking of the unexpected, I won't be a bit surprised if each and every one of you reports a week's worth of tedious, little snafus. Communication gaffs, absentee cell-phones, failed reservations, vehicular inconvenience... Shall I go on? You see, last week, on the 25th of September, the planet Mercury suffered an apparent reversal in its orbit. These reversals, retrogrades, happen occasionally to all the planets (from our limited, geocentric POV). Astrologically speaking, a retrograde generally corresponds to a similar reversal of that planet's area of expertise. Trying to make forward motion under these circumstances can be trying. We've anticipated your needs (because you know, we're awesome that way). Retrograde is our fragrance for reversals — all reversals. This is only our second perfume oil release, and the first to be made available in anything like salable quantities. Let me elaborate:

Seamless layers of incense and earth — amber, oppopanax, sandalwood, egyptian musk, old oakmoss — sweetened with tonka and black vanilla. Clarifying Bulgarian lavender, a black haze of orchid, osmanthus and narcissus and a jolt of raw black pepper and clary sage.

Retrograde is designed to celebrate the general notion of reversal, planetary or otherwise. Go with the flow, because afterall, every undertaking can benefit from a moment of reflection. If you can't make forward progress, there's nothing wrong with backtracking a bit.


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