Tarot: The Devil

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VApothecary NAlloween Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Unique Tarot perfumes created by Jacek Rose and Seth Kincaid

From the description of Djinn:

"The Magician is the end card. Seth, you must focus your consciousness and conviction by finding the King. But first, you must find the Alchemist. I will tell you where to find him." She turns to Jacek, "...and you have found The Devil. This card is both an adversary and strength. You know of that who must return to the realm of the undead, but this task is daunting, he will fight you as the realm of the living is more enticing to the realm of the undead you called him from. This card means you must finish what you began and return him from whence he came. Find the alchemist, Mister Cat, and he will divine the perfume potions to return Dracula to his bastille..."

New Orlean swamp Vetiver, Italian Cypress, Arabian Oud, Tunisian Oak, Egyptian Spun Sugar and French Vanilla Clouds.


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