8 SP

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VApothecary Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Engine that turns the cogs siphoned with the Victorian Age and fine tuned ladies and gentlemen dressed partly of science and mechanics with the scent of persuasion and dapper.

I was given the opportunity by Emerson and Jacek to create perfumed scents that I would wear daily, but with the VApothecary feel. For the name I chose, 8, it was for a perfume that I would wear on an evening alone strolling through the streets of Hungary or San Francisco. I wanted a scent that I could return to, immerse myself in sense memory with and on evenings when it was too warm or too cold out, I could apply the perfume on my wrists within my living room, close my eyes and allow the cogs of memory to spin in my blood and return me to those places where once I tread softly in the night alone, finding sanctity in that realm of memory.

The SP, the mechanism of a steam age. Why just the letters? I am a great fiend of the old typewriter and it struck me one day to deduce the keys would be the name of this and future perfume oils that I would want to wear.

A little about me. My name is Seth Kincaid, I am the other half of VApothecary and while I do more of the mathematical elements of perfume, I too am a perfumist. I studied in France for a year before the chemistry of such studies bored me and began to suppress the artist in me. Sure, I could have worked another two years at the compounds and fixtures of science but scent to me cannot be so controlled that it loses the natural sense of smell. Sometimes it should just be what it is and a dash of imagination.

I grew up in Eastern Europe and as a boy I always had a fondness to the exotic flowers my Mother would pick on the hill outside our family home. She would sit and discuss the flowers with me from her many books and we would enjoy the intricacies of the veins, the colours and the scents they sometimes exuded. She told me once, "Seth, not all flowers have scent, at least not all that we can smell," and I interrupted her with a 'why', "because we all have our purpose as does a flower and those that drink from its nectar," and I remember exclaiming, "Like butterflies and bees!"

"Yes, like butterflies, bees, birds and many tiny insects. Everything in its own way is a mechanism for something else."

This is where my interpretation of steampunk became a part of my being. I would see cogs in everything and much like Emerson sees shapes in everything that create art for him, I see things that shape other things in their simplistic being in order to make itself something even bigger in the world.

This is the enchanting perfume mechanic for both male and female and when applied to you, may the perfume resonate on your skin for a wonderful evening to come or wear it on a grande evening and return to it via scent on nights one needs to be alone in memory.

Like the eight arms of an Octopus, memory sometimes needs layers of notes to acquire and trigger sense memory. For me I have blended Sandalwood, Teak, Rosewood, Cedar, Black Amber, Black Musk, Black Myrrh and Black Patchouli into a sea of memory.

This will become deeper with age and resonate in both hot and cold climate. Wear Evening this summer, on a nice balmy summer evening and again during a Winter evening.


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