The High Priestess

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Twyla Perfumes & Apothecary Tarot General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

First in the new Tarot series — combining art and perfume.

The High Priestess is a bit of a mystery — she represents wisdom, sexuality, creativity and realizing one's spiritual potential. She's connected to the moon and feminine energy — both sensual and remote. She's a bit of a dichotomy. Mysterious and connected to the deep flow of intuition, knowledge and power.
Her perfume is a complex, spicy, fruity floral musk — intensely feminine and deeply layered.
This scent combines traditional florals and fruits from the High Priestess card imagery and symbolism such as pomegranate and lotus/white flowers, along with my own personal artistic license :).
This scent evolves and changes on the skin with an elusive touch of swirling smoke, delicate florals including blue and pink lotus, pikake and champaka, soft, deep musks, juicy red pomegranate, bitter orange and a swirl of spice. Comes with tarot card (original photography artwork by Yours Truly).

Six ml bottles only.

Aromatherapy notes — both the pink and blue lotus are used in meditation to open up spiritual and emotional channels, especially in connecting the sensual and spiritual; champaka both grounds the emotions and opens up the heart; vetiver helps you to become fully present and connected to the physical body.


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