Tequila Rose

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Ah, i've been waiting to introduce this one!

Finally, the Natural Perfumers' Guild has approved the use of Natural Isolates, aka Aroma Molecules, in natural perfumery, and so now we can have yummy FRUIT scents, naturally!
What this means, simply, is that science-types have found a way to extract the scents from fruits and make it possible to suspend them in an oil base. Up until very recently (2012), this was not possible. The point is, these isolates ARE all natural and so i can use them!

Tequila Rose is a beautiful, fresh-creamy scent of fresh strawberries warmed in the sun, dipped in cream and drizzled in honey, a touch of freshly-cut rose, and just a splash of strawberry-tequila liqueur.

When i held out the bottle for Husband to sniff, he immediately held out his wrists and said "give me some!"
This scent truly does smell like fresh strawberries throughout — right through the dry-down. The golden honey notes emerge more as it wears, as do the creamy notes, but you never lose that lovely, fresh strawberry scent. This is truly a unique fragrance, and i'm very excited to be able to add it to the Perennial Blends!
I realize it's not very Wintery, but i figure everyone could use a little reminder of Springtime right about now.

Strawberry Natural Isolate/fruit extract compound, Rose Absolute, Honey Absolute, Massoia Bark, Hyssop and Bourbon Vanilla

Aromatherapy Notes: Strawberry, while natural, is NOT an essential oil has no known aromatherapy value, but — STRAWBERRIES! Rose is a natural mood lifter and opens the heart. Vanilla is generally calming and soothing. Hyssop is helpful in clearing bronchial passages so is useful to those with asthma and also increases circulation. It is also helpful for insomnia and soothing colicky babies — however it should be used in moderation by pregnant women and those with epilepsy. I myself have a seizure disorder so only used the very tiniest amount and have had no problems with this this perfume.


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