Santisima Muerte

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Twyla Perfumes & Apothecary Dia de los Muertos Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Santisima Muerte — "Saint Death", aka "Lady Death", honoured during Dia de los Muertos. She's fond of roses, incense, fruit and flower offerings. Don't stick her next to any other saints, however, as she's apparently very jealous about sharing her altar space.

The price of this one is a bit higher, due to the costliness of the oils used — but it's worth it, if you're a lover of sandalwood and exotic florals.

Sandalwood absolute, golden champaca, rose absolute, blood-orange, benzoin, sweet

Aromatherapy notes: This blend has a rather spiritual, yet grounding feel. Golden champaca, considered by many to be a holy flower, remind us of the Divine in all things. It is an emotional balancer, and is said to have a relieving effect on headaches as well as vertigo. Rose has an uplifting effect on the emotions as well as opening the heart. Orange is also uplifting. Sandalwood has a grounding, yet euphoric effect — an excellent choice for meditation.


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