Orange Sunshine

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Twyla Perfumes & Apothecary Aromatherapy General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

A new, citrusy aromatherapy/perfume blend packed full of awakening, refreshing and stimulating oils to help you on those 12-cups-of-coffee days. Also very helpful on days when you're feeling sick (emotionally OR physically) but still need to function.

This blend smells absolutely amazing, with pink grapefruit, ginger, blood orange, rose alba, a touch of neroli, a bit of pink pepper sprinkled over carnation and a splash of lime.

Aromatherapy notes — citrus oils are famous for awakening the senses, and kickstarting the brain and body into alertness. Pink pepper adds an extra little kick (but not TOO much) and neroli is just a lovely oil which, along with ginger, has anti-depressant benefits to help round this out into the essential-oil version of a nice cup of espresso, without the jitters and upset stomach!


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