Yule 2011

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Twilight Alchemy Lab Event Exclusive Ritual Oil (Limited)

Twilight Alchemy Lab’s Yule Oil contains essential oils, absolutes, and CO2 extracts that are organically-grown and pesticide-free, and many of the oils’ components are first distillations from small farms. This oil includes fir needle essential oil, steam-distilled North African myrrh, Austrian pine needle essential oil, wild crafted steam-distilled bay leaves, Ceylon cinnamon, steam-distilled black spruce, bayberry, apple leaf, Roman chamomile, and C02 extract of hazel bark. This oil was charged under tremendously auspicious circumstances during a complete lunar cycle, and was created utilizing the specific astrological aspects that will be active at Midwinter 2011.

All of our products are created using the finest quality herbs, resins, oils, absolutes, and compounds. They contain no filler and no synthetic materials.

Please note: this is not BPAL’s Yule blend.

Available only at WCWC on 12/10/11.


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