Self-Expression Spring 2017

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Twilight Alchemy Lab Limited Edition Ritual Oil (Limited)

Use our Self-Expression oil to aid in creative endeavors by helping you manifest the truth of your soul through your art. As a secondary effect, this oil aids in helping your address and communicate your emotions so you can better understand yourself and convey your thoughts, needs, and reality to others.

Twilight Alchemy Lab's Self-Expression oil contains essential oils, absolutes, and CO2 extracts that are organically-grown and pesticide-free, and many of the oils' components are first distillations from small farms. This oil includes Sacred Lotus petals (Nelumbo nucifera), cold-pressed Brazilian sweet orange oil, Sicilian blood orange, Javanese citronella, orange blossoms, lemon verbena, and dried orange peel from the TAL garden, lotus leaf, frankincense tears, and CO2 extract of butter. This oil was charged ceremonially on the hours of both Sol and Luna over seven lunar cycles.


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