Gainful Employment (Earth/Saturn)

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Twilight Alchemy Lab Limited Edition Ritual Oil (Limited)

This oil vibrates on the frequencies of both Earth and Saturn, and is a prosperity and good fortune blend that is solidly grounded: it was created to bring opportunities into your life that will help you to form a strong financial foundation. This incarnation of Gainful Employment contains juniper berry essential oil, Iron-free patchouli essential oil, extract of Job's Tears (7 per bottle) and guinea grains (extracted in-house), Egyptian frankincense, and oakmoss absolute. Each bottle was charged over eight Thursdays, all during the Hour of Saturn.

Rub this oil onto the soles of your feet and between your palms during any part of the process of job hunting. Gainful Employment should be used on brown candles when utilized in a ritual capacity, and can be used to (lightly!) dress resumes and cover letters. This only can also be employed during divinatory practices in order to help you discern the best and most responsible path to financial solvency.

5ml Gainful Employment Oil in an amber glass bottle.

All of our products are created using the finest quality herbs, resins, oils, absolutes, and compounds. They contain no filler and no synthetic materials.

This is a ritual oil, and is not intended for cosmetic use.


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