Genie in a Bottle

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Trance Nectar General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Trance® Nectar Parfum is handmade.

In a world full of commercial fragrances, Trance® suggests a refreshing approach — muse-produced, not mass-produced.

Inspired by the beauty and subtlety found in nature, each aromatic elixir is carefully crafted drop by drop by Janna Sheehan to allure, entice and transport the wearer to exotic destinations.

To create these unique blends,
Trance® bridges the gap between old-world perfumery and apothecary by using both natural essential oil absolutes and wild-crafted and organic essential oil and perfume oils.

The result is Nectars that are complex and alluring but never overpowering. As unique as you are and true to the Trance® tradition of surrendering to the experience, each scent naturally enhances your own body's scent. Available in our 2 fl. oz. Nectar Parfum natural spray, our convenient 1/8 oz. Nectar Parfum oil roll-on, our soy-based Nectar candle and our Nectar Body Oil.


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