Natural Oud Attar

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Are you looking for superior Oud with no synthetics? This is it! Our Agarwood Oud attar is 100% natural. Compared to others, we give you more than double the quantity for the same price. Yes, they use fancy bottles and we use plain ones, but our light-protective amber bottles are better for your Oud and will protect it for years.

Mature Agarwood Trees For thousands of years Agarwood Oil, or Oud, has been used as an aphrodesiac, to enhance meditation and bring enlightenment. Overharvesting and poaching now threatens the survival of both the Agarwood and Sandalwood trees. Our Agarwood and Sandalwood oils are sustainably harvested and ethically obtained.

Agarwood, or Aloeswood Oil, is the most costly, most sought-after perfume oil in the world. This Oud Attar is particularly fine! It does not contain the burnt notes frequently found in Agarwood Oil. Balanced with the highest-quality sandalwood oil, it is hypnotically sweet, woody and earthy, with a tangy balsamic wine bouquet.

Ingredients: Co2 extract of Agarwood oil from the Aquillaria agollocha tree, blended into pure Sandalwood essential oil. CO2 extraction gives a truer aroma than distillation, has no chemical residues and is environmentally-friendly.


Important: All of my attars are made using all-natural ingredients- no synthetics or paraffin. The sandalwood oil is of the highest quality and is ethically obtained. Learn how Attars are made.


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