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The Moon In Bloom General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

My Beltane oil is a unique & refreshing blend that becons you to delight in the invigorating energies of spring in full blossom. This feminine fragrance leads you through a sensual garden of earthly & magickal delights.

The May Queen digs her fingers into freshly turned and seeded earth in the early morning hours & spends the afternoon preparing refreshing herbal dishes for the festival night, Walpurgis. She pairs warm ginger root with cool cucumber blossoms & tops them with sweet baby roses. The fragrant garden soil still between her toes lends an earthy note everywhere she goes.

May first, or "May Day", marks the halfway point between the spring & summer solstice. Called Beltane by magickal folk, this day is set aside for feasting & celebration and dedicated to the blooming flowers, fertility, passion, the magickal delights mother earth provides us. In old world folklore, it is said that you should bless your garden with heightened fertility on this night by making love to your lover upon the earth within it 😉

Depending on where you live, this day can fall on November 1st if you are on the other side of the world. But, no matter where you reside, it is truly a celebration of life. Here, in the midwest, the flowers & trees have painted the landscape a bit early this year. As the forests have awakened early, certain energies have as well. I speak of passion, of course. As the dreary, frozen days have come & passed, I know I feel more alive, refreshed and desirous of all the wonderful things to come this summer & growing season. Each bottle of Beltane is infused with chips of Garnet, Carnelian, & Red Aventurine for drawing sensual and creative energy. My hopes are that this elixir will find you experiencing the joys of spring & all the passionate energies it incites!


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