Anise & Oak

Anise & Oak

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The Moon In Bloom General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Ever feel like you could use a bit of luck in your corner? Perhaps a bit of simple old world magick could help in gaining you more favorable energies. Based on magickal lore, Star Anise & Oak Wood are wonderful for drawing good luck & warding off the "evil eye". They blend together in the most lovely & witchy way and are lent a refreshing, velvety green note from unripe fig.

If you've ever wondered what stepping into my apothecary smells like, Anise + Oak is definitely what coming in on a warm sunny day smells like. I keep plenty of beautiful, fragrant Star Anise pods throughout my space for their natural ability to rid negative & low energies. And, in addition, to Oak Wood, I always place acorns all over my space for their luck drawing & youthful energies. Deep, warm spice mingles with toasty, lightly sweet oak in a sophisticated Uncrossing blend that sings even brighter with a hint of young green fig.

Each bottle of this naturally light amber hued elixir is infused with chips of Amethyst for protection from negative energy, Black Tourmaline for positive attitude & purification, and quartz crystal to amplify their energies. Use this perfume oil as an annointing oil for crystals & magickal tools for work done to banish negativity, as well as drawing good luck into your life. I like to start the day with this one when I know I will be around a lot of unfamiliar people.


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