Sugar Skull

Sugar Skull

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“Be as happy as you can, oh king Tecayehyatzin; You who appreciates the jewels that flourish! Will we live again? Your heart knows this: We only live once!”

— Xayacamachan (ruler of Huexotzinco, Central Mexico, 1600s)

The tradition ofcalaveras de azúcaror sugar skulls originates from the Aztec ritual of honoring the god of the underworld,Mictlantecuhtli.Mictlantecuhtliwould assure a safe passage into the land that he ruled. After the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors as well as African slaves who were brought to Mexico in the 16th century, various pre-Columbian mesoamerican traditions merged with those of Catholicism as well as African animist traditions of ancestral worship.

Classic sugar skulls are made from a paste calledalfeñique, which is a mixture of sugar, hot water, and lemon that becomes a thick, marzipan like paste. This paste is strong enough that artisans can mold it into the shape of a skull to later decorate it for display.Calaveras deazúcarare placed onofrendasor altars during the celebration ofDia de los Muertos.

What's It Smell Like?

A confectionary style gourmand..sweet...sweet...sweet! Teeth pressing downward into cloud like white sugar, the feel of crystalline grains of buttery sweet coating the inner bits of your lips and tongue, the acerbic citrus honey blossom bloom of ripe California Meyer lemon sending a thrill along your tastebuds that whips a jolt of electricity down the center of your spine.

Key Fragrance Notes:Meyer Lemon essential oil — blends the traditional aroma of a lemon with the sweetness of a mandarin. Unlike the conventional lemon, the oil of Meyer Lemon hasfloral notes, hovering somewhere between apples, orange blossoms and honey, that smooth and sweeten the citrus into something delicate and intoxicating.


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