Coco Pearl

Coco Pearl

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It was the way that she wore that dress and the amazing talent that she gave to the world that inspired our desire to create a fragrance in honor of that dress and the fine as May wine lady of the stage and screen who wore it. Actress Pearl Bailey who rose to fame during the 1940s and became one of the most well-known African American actresses and jazz singers of her day was beauty incarnate both inwardly and out. Devoting her life to the stage and then to charities, Ms. Bailey was known for her warm grace, sharp wit, and intelligence receiving a degree in Theology from Georgetown University at almost 70 years old. Asked why she found it important to return to school after such an already illustrious career, she said, "I wanted to show people that you're never too old for education." Right on, Ms. Bailey. Right on!

What does it smell like?

The taste of coconut cream on warm skin in the late afternoon sun. Tropically resinous, the first act begins with notes of bright Calabria lemon and California Valencia orange, and davana*. The climax is fresh-cut coconut, the full white flesh, and not the milk with cardamom, Egyptian Rose de Mai, lemongrass, and warm brown sugar as the supporting cast followed by a dramatic finale of a sandalwood and amber accord with Tahitian vanilla.

Key Fragrance Note:LNPTahitian vanilla tincture — Tahitian vanilla orVanilla planifoliadiffers from our usual vanilla with a rounded, fruitier dessert like note. We steep whole Tahitian vanilla pods and then age the resulting tincture for a period of 6 weeks. Our LNP vanilla serves as a base for coconut Co2, patchouli, davana*, sandalwood accord, heliotrope, and a LNP vanilla tincture.

Fragrance Pyramid:Top notes are lemon, bergamot, lemongrass; Middle notes are cardamom, coconut, davana, Bulgarian rose; Base notes: vetiver, vanilla, patchouli, and sandalwood


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