La Push Beach

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The Little Book Eater Book Inspired : Twilight Collection General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

This fragrance is inspired by the beautiful La Push Beach. Made with the scents of dried driftwood, floral jasmine, earthy vetiver, and fresh eucalyptus. The perfect combination for rainy day trips, cliff jumps, and listening to ancient tales!

Fragrance Note(s): Driftwood • Jasmine • Vetiver • Eucalyptus
Scent Categories: Fresh • Beachy • Herbal

"The water was dark gray, even in the sunlight, white-capped and heaving to the gray, rocky shore. Islands rose out of the steel harbor waters with sheer cliff sides, reaching to uneven summits, and crowned with austere, soaring firs. The beach had only a thin border of actual sand at the water's edge, after which it grew into millions of large, smooth stones that looked uniformly gray from a distance, but close up were every shade a stone could be: terra-cotta, sea green, lavender, blue gray, dull gold. The tide line was strewn with huge driftwood trees, bleached bone white in the salt waves, some piled together against the edge of the forest fringe, some lying solitary, just out of reach of the waves." — from Twilight by Stephenie Meyer


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