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Sucreabeille Frozen Embers Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Winter is here. Introducing House Stark, the newest limited edition to our Frozen Embers collection. Available as a set of five drams, or individually, these scents are sure to keep you warm in the long winter ahead. (Make sure you read to the bottom, as we have a shipping special going on that's not limited to Frozen Embers!!)

Sansa: Inspired by her love of lemon cakes, Sansa, naturally, smells like her favorite treat. Delicate and dainty and oh-so-tempting, the combination of lemon, vanilla, and buttercream is sure to be a gourmand's favorite scent. She's the exact opposite of Arya, lusting and smelling like the finer things in life, working her way up the social ladder. Of course, things don't always go to plan, which is why it's fitting that lemons are also tart and bitter. Come by for the sweet aromas, stay and watch Sansa mature into a powerful woman who doesn't take any shit.


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