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Sucreabeille Frozen Embers General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Everyone’s favorite multi-faced murderer, Arya is the psychopath we all wish we could be. Her namesake scent, therefore, is bold, tart, and spicy, with notes of frankincense and sandalwood. While she was born with bloodlust, she had to be trained, and with age comes wisdom and some mellowing down. At least in theory. The scent fades into a calmer, richer spice, like the kind you put in a meat pie you serve before slicing the throat of a terrible patriarch who murdered your family. And the meat pie is full of his family. Goddamn, Arya is such a badass. Slice that patriarchy down, girl, one old white man at a time.

Scent notes: Peaty oak moss, lemon verbena, frankincense, a double shot of good bourbon, smoky sandalwood.


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