Rock Candy

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Somethin' Special General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Rock Candy: A funky and fun fragrance with sweet, fruity notes that leave a fizzy taste on your imagination — pure sugar in a bottle! read & post reviews here

Perfume fragrance oil (100% pure and undiluted) either packaged in your choice of a 1 dram glass bottle with a twist top cap, a 1/2 oz. plastic bottle with a dropper flip cap or a 1 oz. plastic bottle with a flip cap.

* No alcohol
* Vegan friendly
* No animal testing
* No artificial dyes or colors
* No Diethyl Phthalate (DEP)
* No fillers or additives

How to Use
• Put a few drops onto a cotton ball, rub on your wrists and neck for a quick and easy fragrant body perfume, without having to transfer the oils to a spray or roll-on bottle
• Pop the cotton ball into your pillowcase for sweetly scented dreams
• Put a few drops in your tea-light oil burner (with water)
• A few drops in a warm bath
• Refresh potpourri, wax tarts, natural scented sprinkles, sachets & bath salts
• Make your own bath & body products


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