Sweet Cover & Wood Smoke

Sweet Cover & Wood Smoke

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Solstice Scents Summer Limited Edition Eau de Parfum (Limited)

Sun-baked sweet clover flowers, coumarin, green clover leaves, mimosa flowers, moringa blossoms, limerock road, sweet delicate wood smoke

Sun-baked sweet clover lining old Florida lime rock back roads has a coumarin-rich, vanilla and soft sugar cookie aroma with hints of tonka bean and a very light white floral aroma vaguely reminiscent of white morning glory "moonflowers". The green scent of ripped clover leaves and the snap of fresh picked sweet clover stems pairs with a fresh, airy mimosa and moringa flowers. The wood smoke is faint, distant and sweet, very delicate. It wraps around the green, gourmand and pale floral notes in a pleasant and subtle manner.

Sweet Clover & Wood Smoke is a gentle fragrance. It opens with a pop of green that gives way to the coumarin heavy notes. A sugar cookie aroma remains soft but gets slightly stronger as it wears. A tender fragrance, perfect for late summer into early fall.

Though this perfume contains floral components, it is not floral-forward.


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