Midnight Oil

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Solstice Scents Dark Spring Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Cocoa Absolute, Blood Orange EO, Yellow Mandarin EO, Aged Patchouli EO, Labdanum Absolute, Coffee EO & Mushroom Absolute — 5ml


Midnight Oil was originally offered as a scrub in our autumn collection. I have formulated this scent to be enjoyed as a perfume. It is solely comprised of essential oils and absolutes. It is a deep, earthy, rich and citrusy fragrance. The cocoa, patchouli and mushroom absolute provide a dark, dank base for the bright blood orange and mandarin essential oils. A touch of labdanum adds a subtle sticky resinous quality to the scent. The cocoa and chocolatey-earthy smelling mushroom absolute combine with the orange to lend this scent a strong gourmand quality while the aged patchouli adds a deep musky and sooty character. The coffee EO in this blend is very subtle and works to add to the rich base.

The blood orange and mandarin oils give a citrusy burst to the initial application. The citrus is prominent for about 20 minutes or so. The dry down is dark, earthy and sweet with a slight hint of citrus. This fragrance contains a very small amount of tonka bean absolute as a fixative.

Midnight Oil is blended in perfumer's alcohol. Please shake gently before each use as the cocoa absolute will settle to the bottom. A few shakes will quickly and easily disperse the scent evenly. Unisex.

Cocoa absolute may stain lighter colored clothing and skin. When applying perfume, rub perfume in quickly as it is easier to work into skin with less chance of staining.

Application tip: If your roller ball runs dry during application, remove black cap, hold your bottle vertically with roller ball pointing to the ground and forcefully shake/thrust the bottle down one time to replenish the oil in the well. Now it is ready to reapply to your skin.


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