Iced Wisteria

Iced Wisteria

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Solstice Scents Spring General Catalog Eau de Parfum (Available)

ICED WISTERIA60 ml Eau de Parfum Spray
Wisteria Ice Cream, Waffle Cone, Tahitian Vanilla, Sugar Cone, Lilac Infused Sugar

Iced Wisteria is a floral gourmand that opens with a blast of cold creamy wisteria flowers. Within a few minutes, the wisteria softens and a velvety ice cream infused with Tahitian vanilla beans, wisteria petals and lilac sugar begins to emerge. The gourmand aspects of the perfume unfold shortly thereafter as the floral elements become more delicate. A heart of Blackburn Parlor's vanilla waffle cone accord soon strongly diffuses alongside a soft wisteria halo. In the dry down, the sweet sugar cone and Tahitian vanilla ice cream come into focus as the wisteria recedes entirely and the waffle cone likewise softens. Iced Wisteria contains the DNA of Blackburn's Parlor, namely the waffle cone accord (no banana, chocolate, caramel) paired with the wisteria.

INGREDIENTS: Ethanol (Undenatured organic cane sugar alcohol), Parfum (Fragrance and/or Essential oil(s) as indicated on listing).

Product Information and Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from open flame as alcohol is flammable. It is not recommended to spray perfume on fine silk clothing. Alcohol is a solvent. Avoid dispersing on furniture. Spray perfumes in a well ventilated area. As with all products, discontinue use if irritation occurs. Avoid spraying perfumes in a drafty area (such as directly under or in front of a fan) as mist may get into eyes. For best results, apply to moisturized skin. This is one technique you may use to increase the longevity of any perfume in your collection, especially alcohol based ones which may be slightly drying to skin.


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