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Solstice Scents Incense General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Guardian is a natural botanical unisex talismanic perfume. It features botanical elements associated with protection which are further enhanced with rowan flower essence and black tourmaline gemstone essence. The fragrance is a forest chypre with a full-bodied glowing amber core. Top notes of sacred white sage, wild desert sage, clary sage, spruce and bergamot lead to a rich pinyon pine and a dense shadowed forest aroma of fir balsam absolute. The base consists of a radiating and pervasive golden amber accord, sandalwood, oakmoss, Haitian vetiver, aged patchouli, Alaskan cypress, alligator juniper wood, green spikenard, muhuhu, oud and a hint of mushroom absolute. A very subtle addition of shiso leaf provides a crisp, spicy green nuance. Guardian features the amber accord in the foreground with the comforting cloak of thick forest, sticky tree resin and conifer needles delicately encircling it. The dry woods, earth and oakmoss surround the amber on the dry down. This is an amber focused perfume, enhanced with lots of woods (namely sandalwood) and coniferous and herbal sage top notes.


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