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Solstice Scents General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Late night at the carnival, the air is thickly humid, flashing lights and bright colors radiate even behind your closed eyes. Excited voices rise and fall all around you, a fast-talking ebb and flow and a nauseating tide of people wash over you as you blindly push your way through to catch up with your friends. A giggling couple staggers out of the funhouse ahead and you find the crowd give way where you can break through. The funhouse is ominously quiet, one lone light flickers at the entrance. Its darkness and silence is a welcome respite for your throbbing temples, beckoning you to enter.

You follow your friends without a word and notice the hollow tomb-like quiet inside. Winding through the mirror maze with muffled laughter and whispered comments, not one of you are prepared for what lies in wait in the darkness around the corner and the terrors the funhouse has in store...

Inspired by campy horror movies of the 80s like The Funhouse and loud bright boardwalks studded with arcades, vendors and people a la Lost Boys, this perfume is straight up sweet and fluffy cotton candy goodness. I've found that oddly, this scent seems to get stronger the longer it's on the skin.


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