First Flush

First Flush

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Solstice Scents Spring Limited Edition Eau de Parfum (Available)

Blush pink and apricot roses, watermelon, lemon, raspberry, apricot, morning dew, hints of green and wet Earth

First Flush captures the essence of blush pink and pale apricot antique and modern garden roses cloaked in the morning fog. A fruity opening featuring traces of watermelon, raspberry, lemon and apricot quickly gives way to fresh, bright and lush rose petals dotted with dew. A delicate spicy noisette pairs with tea and a soft bit of damp Earth as well as a hint of cut green stems from gathering a rose bouquet while strolling along the rose garden.

Like the first flush of a rosarium in spring, this perfume opens strongly at initial application. It settles to a moderate strength and more intimate experience due to the strong focus on natural materials in this blend. First Flush is a mixed media rose soliflore that contains a variety of precious natural rose essences from around the world, including an exceptional Iranian rose otto.


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