Farmhouse in Spring

Farmhouse in Spring

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Solstice Scents Spring Limited Edition Eau de Parfum (Available)

Daffodil, jasmine, citrus blossom, osmanthus, magnolia, cypress wood smoke, sun-warmed Earth

The first in our seasonal farmhouse series, Farmhouse in Spring captures a humid riot of early to late spring southern florals. Bright daffodils, narcotic citrus blossom (kumquat and orange), lush confederate jasmine and delicate lemony magnolia paired with osmanthus flowers with their fruity scent reminiscent of apricots. This perfume is sunny and warm with a slight fruity nectar and captures a variety of flowers floating on the breeze. Sun-warmed Earth and the gentle slightly sweet and woody aroma of cypress wood smoke from the burn pile of a neighboring tree farm weaves through the base. The light sticky resinous component of the wood smoke has a hint of warmed golden raisins.

This mixed media perfume contains a wide variety of rare and precious floral essences that impart a beautiful, natural and complex realism to the dynamic floral medley.

INGREDIENTS: Undenatured organic cane sugar alcohol, Parfum (Fragrance and/or Essential oil(s) as indicated on listing).


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